David's Angels Tour in Canada and U.S

David's Angels will be coming to Canada and U.S this summer to perform! 

2014-06-24 Ottawa International Jazz Festival 8:00 PM
2014-06-25 Rochester International Jazz Festival 7:30 PM
2014-06-25 Rochester International Jazz Festival 9:30 PM
2014-06-28 Vancouver International Jazz Festival 1:30 PM 



Premier Sofie Norling band

How I've longed for this! After working all by myself with the music, trixing, fixing in what it seems like forever I finally get the chance to play with the band and go live!

Luckely we get to share this special night with the great band Cure-A-Phobia from Malmö who are having a releaseconcert for their new album.
You can come and share this special night with us @ Fasching Jazzklubb in Stockholm, Sweden 8:00 PM the 20th of February. 


New Release

Finally folks! Tomorrow we release our new album "What it seems" with David's Angels. We are very excited! Finally we can bring the music that we've been working on in the studio to you live.

The music universe on the record "What it seems" is angel like and brutal with dark sounds and pure melodies. Life is ugly, life is beautiful and so is the music that expresses it. We bring you a story that isn't allways what it seems. 

First stop is Fasching Jazzklubb in Stockholm 17/4. For more up-coming gigs please click at "live".  
For listening to some of the songs from the album you can visit "music".